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Swift Banking

Better rates are only the beginning

We offer a wide range of payment services, for any business and industry and give our customers the experiences they expect.

Global Money Transfers Made Easy.

Need to send money to another country? These days, it is simple to walk into a bank and send money anywhere in the world. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) is the system behind most international money and security transactions.

This enormous messaging network is used by banks and other financial institutions to transmit information such as money transfer orders in a timely manner that is both accurate, and secure. We at OpenUp make it accessible at ease.

Business Insight and strategic vision

Get used to easy and secure transfers with the benefits of SWIFT global payments available in Openup accounts. No bank lines, no cash troubles: send it, save the template for the next transfers, schedule it securely, completely online

Off-the-shell adapters for flexible back office integration

A user-friendly web interface for any business.

Complete 24-7 availability with Active-Active technology

An unobtrusive means of achieving a continuous integration

Stay on top of your Banking Business

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