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At Openup we provide a broad range of innovative services that support the growth of our ecosystem participants through the development of open banking-enabled products and services.


Realise the ideas you want to bring to life. With expert support, world-leading standards and the power of the network behind you, anything is possible.


Test your services with dummy data, explore the inside track on development, and get to market faster. Connect and start building the future of financial services.


From dispute management to improving customer experience, we help you solve the challenges of growing a live service with active users.

We are ready to support all aspects of your open banking journey.

What is open banking?

A term used to describe the process of banks and other financial institutions opening up data for regulated providers to access, use and share.

Don’t worry - it’s not as unsafe as that description might make it sound. Banks are effectively putting in place the infrastructure for their customers’ data to be shared more easily with third parties when the customer chooses to do so.

Open banking connects banks, third-parties and technical providers – enabling them to simply and securely exchange data to their customers’ benefit. We provide the trusted framework for collaboration, so you can deliver better value and create innovative services.

Benefits of Open Banking

Banks, fintechs, and other online service providers may harness their complementary capabilities to provide an easy-to-use, frictionless experience, with new digital services offered across a higher number of touchpoints, by collaborating and utilising APIs.

Our capabilities include:

Strategic review and scenario analysis under open banking; new business models and opportunities for pursuit.
We have a full complement of human-centered design services that apply customer research and insight to new proposition development using a proprietary agile service design approach purpose built for open banking and financial services.
Target operating model design; transformation execution and program management to balance compliant delivery with strategic optionality.
Support for end-to-end solution design from business analysis to IT architecture.
Design, development and maintenance frameworks; API commercial analysis/cost recovery and pricing.
Integrated with the operational risk framework to identify security risks, events and consequences including privacy and payment fraud issues.

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