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we aim to create a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper.

Our culture reflects our commitment to diversity and innovation. We work in ways that foster involvement, respect, collaboration and connection—where the wealth of ideas, backgrounds, and views are cultivated to craft business impact.


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Creating an inclusive environment

Engaging diverse talent and influencing recruitment, development and retention. At OpenUp we strive to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit among our employees. We don't believe in hierarchies and organisational charts because we want all of our employees to feel that they are part of and responsible for the company's success.

Because we believe that the more successful our staff are, the more successful our clients will be, there is no formal bureaucracy in our company, which allows our teams to learn from one another and work on diverse projects, both of which contribute significantly to our growth.


Openness allows us to succeed globally across diverse markets and culture. We celebrate our differences, are receptive to new ideas and are empowered in everything we do.


Our integrity is the foundation of our decentralized business and is the heart of how we operate. It is what makes us credible in the eyes of our customers and regulators.


Collaboration is the glue that binds us and allows us to succeed. Together we are faster at driving change and more competitive in achieving our goals.

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