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Offshore Company Setup

Register Your Offshore & Overseas Companies Effortlessly

There’s no need to travel a thousand miles just to get zero results when you can kick-start your business by setting up an Offshore company anytime, anywhere. Save yourself from all the trouble and make the most of your time.

Offshore Company Formation & Incorporation

Start your company set-up now

It is starting up a business from zero knowledge. Our aim is to provide clients who are interested in starting a business by aiding them to choose the right decision for their business.

Opening a new company necessitates a great deal of attention which therefore takes so much time and effort. We at OpenUp understand your situation and offer assistance for start-up companies with planning, making important financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities are all part of the process when starting a business.

How to Incorporate Your Company

Application Form

Only takes a few minutes to complete our online application form.

Supporting Documents

Simply email the required documents for us to quickly begin your company formation.


Our quick service ensures your company will normally be set up as fast as possible.

Corporate Package

Courier fees are included in our price to ensure safe and fast delivery of your company documents.


Top Jurisdictions for Offshore Company Incorporation

Whether you are doing business in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas or elsewhere, OpenUp will set up the best trading or holding structure for your business in line with local laws and regulations.

Anguilla Company Formation
Belize Company Formation
British Virgin Islands Company Formation
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands Company Formation
Cayman Islands
Cook Islands Company Formation
Cook Islands
Gibraltar Company Formation
Hong Kong Company Formation
Hong Kong
Marshall Islands Company Formation
Marshall Islands
Nevis Company Formation
Panama Company Formation
Samoa Company Formation
Seychelles Company Formation
UK Company Formation
USA Company Formation
Vanuatu Company Formation

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