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Modernizing payments capabilities through an extensive suite of payment processing solutions.

We are on your wavelength We are on your wavelength

Tired of dry and distant advisors who know nothing about the realities of running a business? Welcome to the new way - we promise lots of empathy and no buzzwords.

We're with you

Wherever you are, whatever your size, sector or ambitions—we deliver for you. We work with customers in over 100 countries, and have local experts on the ground in almost 40.

Our forever goal

The world of commerce moves at breathless speed. We’ll keep you ahead of that change, delivering the advanced technology and specialist insight you need to accelerate your growth.

Talk to the experts

Alongside our market-leading technology, we have 24/7 ..365 days people around the world, delivering the expert advice you need to make the most of our solutions.


Founded in Denmark in 2016, OpenUp Consultancy Services aims to improve banking and payments for all sized businesses. Including Open Banking, APMs,Foreign Exchange,Card Processing Solutions, and a plethora of payment services with a single API, under one single roof. By having extensive experience in the payment industry, our founders saw an opportunity to provide online transactions with a wide range of payment options, greater acceptance, better technical support, and faster settlements. As an innovative Fintech company.

We are a One-stop-shop for multiple forms of payments. Efforts have been made to put together a team of experts that can handle all aspects of acquiring, transaction processing, technological support, and merchant integration for growing organisations. As we continue to evolve, our promise to provide a comprehensive, seamless, and trustworthy solution for merchants across the globe is becoming a reality.

Bring reliability and integrity to every transaction we process.

Our Mission

In a complex online market, our focus is to be a single resource for merchants to launch, manage and expand their business, while consistently earning the trust of their paying customers. We believe that by offering a more flexible and secure payment solution we can successfully maintain the highest levels of consumer confidence and fuel the long-term business growth of our merchants for decades to come.

Code of Conduct

At OpenUP, we are committed to maintaining and furthering our shared company values of respect, transparency, understanding, fairness, and communication. The accomplishment of being globally recognized as a leading online payment gateway is a direct result of the trust we have earned with our consumers, our merchants, their affiliates, and our partners around the world.


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